Jitendra Singh to represent India at Global Clean Energy Action Forum


An Indian delegation will be led by Union Minister Jitendra Singh this week at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum in Pittsburg, US.

According to a statement from the science and technology ministry, ministers from around 30 nations will attend the meeting to discuss how to speed up the development and use of sustainable energy. In order to accelerate the development of clean energy solutions, the Indian delegation is anticipated to showcase initiatives in the areas of bio-refineries, sustainable aviation fuels, materials accelerated platforms, carbon capture, and hydrogen valley platforms.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Singh is likely to emphasise India’s commitment to a low-carbon future that intends to change the energy landscape.

“Very little has been done despite a lot of talk over the last 50 years since the 1972 Stockholm Conference. But in India, we have walked the talk and [taken] steps like 90 million households getting access to clean cooking fuel under the Ujjwala Yojana,” Said Singh, who was due to leave for the US on Monday.

Singh said he is looking forward to engagements at the plenary and roundtables of the forum, especially in the light of recent breakthroughs in the areas of clean energy technologies both at home and abroad.

In addition, he will meet with academics and members of the Indian diaspora while participating in a roundtable with CEOs from roughly 35 businesses and federal leaders from the geospatial, space, earth, and ocean science, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries in Washington, DC.