Jimmy Butler Addressed Dating Rumors With Shakira


The 34-year-old NBA from the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler, recently addressed the dating rumors with Shakira. In a recent interview with Rolling stone, he decided to set the record straight. Jimmy began by praising Shakira. “She’s an incredible human being and an incredible talent, but you never know what people are doing so people just make stuff up.” He added, “Just because we are friends, she lives in Miami, and her sons are big basketball fans — that doesn’t mean anybody’s dating.”

For the unversed, these comments from him come on the heels of a report from Us Weekly less than two months ago, suggesting that he and Shakira were growing closer and enjoying each other’s company. A source had mentioned to US weekly that, “Jimmy makes Shakira smile, and she’s really enjoying getting to know him on a deeper level.”

While they’re taking things slowly, the source noted that,  “She appreciates how he takes the lead in the relationship,” they further added, “He’s the one who makes plans with her, pursues her, and it makes her feel valued. [Shakira] definitely open to seeing where things go. It’s too early to tell if there’s long-term potential there.”




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