Japan issues tsunami advisory for Izu Island chain as quake hits ocean


Following a severe quake in the Pacific Ocean, a tsunami advisory has been issued for Japan’s Izu Island chain with 30-centimeters waves confirmed in some areas, reported Kyodo News Agency citing the country’s weather agency.
The quake hit the ocean on Thursday morning at 10:59 am and has a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 off Torishima island, at the southern end of the chain, and occurred at a depth of 10 kilometres. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the faint earthquake did not register 1 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7. Tsunami waves as high as 30 cm arrived at Hachijo Island, part of the Izu island chain at 12:17 pm, reported Kyodo News Agency. However, according to the local police, they had not confirmed any damage from the quake or tsunami so far. Initially, the Japan Meteorological Agency predicted 1-metre tsunami waves would arrive in parts of the chain at around 11:30 am.