Jaipur Dharna demands action, rejects communal divide


In protest against giving communal colour to the case of a youth’s murder in the Pink City, all sections of society, under the banner of Jaipur Bachao Struggle Committee, staged a dharna on the renowned Chaupar Road (Major Road) on Wednesday. This dharna lasted for nearly two and a half hours, with a large number of workers from Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and other Hindu organizations, along with many businessmen, participating. During this protest, slogans of “Modi-Modi” and “Jai Shri Ram” were chanted. A collective Hanuman Chalisa recitation was done during the protest to pray for peace in Jaipur. The dharna concluded peacefully around 12:30 pm. Notably, no political figure was allowed on the stage at Chaupar Road, only religious leaders and members of business organizations were present.
The people participating in the dharna demanded an end to the violence and the arrest of troublemakers. A collective warning was given from the stage that if those causing unrest in the markets and turning road accidents into mob lynchings are not arrested within 7 days, Jaipur will be called for a shutdown. Hemant Sethiya, the main speaker, stated, “Jaipur has always had a social harmony environment. All communities and classes have been living harmoniously here for centuries. People from other cities and states are disrupting this environment. India’s culture is based on “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is one family) and “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” (may all be happy). “An eye for an eye” and “blood for blood” slogans will not be tolerated here. Educated members of the Muslim community should guide such individuals and provide them with proper education. It’s not right to engage in violence and goons for anyone. Peace and brotherhood are the collective responsibility of all communities and societies.”
Before this, separate meetings of Hindu organizations and businessmen were held on Tuesdays. In these meetings, strong opposition was voiced against the mob lynching. Businessmen accused several members of looting the market the day after the incident.
Since the dharna had been publicized for the past two days, the Jaipur police had made special security arrangements to handle the situation. Riot police and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) were deployed to maintain law and order. Local police were also closely monitoring antisocial elements. During this time, Police Commissioner Bijju George Joseph stated, “The troublemakers are being identified. Cases will be registered against the culprits, and they will be arrested soon.”
Participating in the dharna were Diya Kumari, a Member of Parliament from Rajsamand, Ramcharan Bohra, a Member of Parliament from Jaipur City, former Minister Arun Chaturvedi, Kalicharan Saraf, a Member of the Legislative Assembly from Malviya Nagar, and former MLA Kailash Verma. Women also participated in large numbers in the dharna. Diya Kumari said that the Congress government is practising appeasement for vote banks.
Rajkumar Gupta, the coordinator of the Jaipur Bachao Struggle Committee demanded immediate action against antisocial elements involved in the incident and strict punishment for the culprits.
The police had arrested five people, including a minor, in the Ikbal murder case. The minor was sent to a juvenile correction home. On Monday, two more individuals were arrested, and they were sent to jail on Tuesday. The police are questioning Yugraj Kashyap and Shubham Mehra, who were initially arrested, regarding the reasons for their altercation. So far, the police have named eight people in the Ikbal murder case. Five of them have been arrested, while the SIT is working on locating the remaining three.
On September 30, two bikes clashed in the Ramganj area. After that, violence erupted, and a youth, Ikbal, was killed. The day after the murder, troublemakers entered the Johari Bazaar and created a chaotic atmosphere. The violent mob looted and vandalized shops, and during this time, women were harassed.