Jaipur Airport enhances safety with cutting-edge security vehicles


The capital city is going to take another initiative for air passenger safety. Keeping security in mind, charismatic security vehicles will be deployed at Jaipur International Airport. Special technologies have been used to make these vehicles. Gen-Next Security Vehicle, the mobile command post will be used only in emergencies. The technology of this modern vehicle is capable of dealing with emergencies. The mobile command post is equipped with the latest equipment and is scheduled to be established in the air-side area soon.
Jaipur airport officials say that a command control vehicle has been called from Kolkata. Now, this modern vehicle will be used at Jaipur Airport also. Earlier, such command control vehicles were already present at the airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Now, preparations for its use are going on at Jaipur International Airport. Training regarding the use of this equipment will also be given in the coming days. The mobile command post is a major achievement in terms of security which will further strengthen the security arrangements of Jaipur Airport.
Mobile Command Post in itself is a mobile security control centre that connects all stakeholders and security agencies on one platform in adverse situations. The vehicle is fitted with state-of-the-art security equipment, communication equipment, cameras, TV and monitoring systems. Command Control Vehicle is a bus-like vehicle in which high zoom quality cameras have been installed all around on the roof of the bus. Speakers and good-quality lights have also been installed around the vehicle to make announcements. besides, modern TV, computer, communication equipment and necessary equipment for seating arrangement and safety of people have been installed inside the vehicle.