ISRO to concentrate on R&D development in advanced technologies


The new Indian Space Policy, made public on Thursday, has said the Indian Space Research Organisation shall transition out from manufacturing operational space systems and focus its energies on research and development in advanced technologies.
The Indian Space Policy – 2023, which was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security on 6 April, also permits non-government entities to undertake end-to-end activities in the space sector through the establishment and operation of space objects, ground-based assets and related services such as communication, remote sensing and navigation.
The policy also states that Indian consumers of space technology or services — such as communication, remote sensing, data services and launch services — whether from the public or the private sector, shall be free to directly procure them from any source.
The government unveiled space sector reforms in 2020 by opening up the sector for private participation and the new space policy, published on the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) website on Thursday, has been formulated as an overarching, composite and dynamic framework to implement the reform vision.