Israelis facing worst massacre, says IDF’s Major Libby Weiss


In an exclusive interview with NewsX, the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Major Libby Weiss, has described the current situation as extremely dire and tragic, and highlighted the brutality of the Hamas.

Weiss said that the Israeli military is working tirelessly to secure the border areas, with ongoing battles occurring in communities in southern Israel. This comes after a surprise attack by Hamas, which launched a barrage of rockets into the southern and central regions of the country.

Major Libby Weiss expressed the severity of the situation, with more than 300 casualties, thousands of injured individuals, and many people abducted by Hamas and taken to the Gaza Strip. She noted the horrifying brutality displayed by Hamas and underlined the IDF’s determined efforts to secure the border.

She referred to Hamas as a terrorist organisation with a clear goal of wiping Israel off the map and targeting Israeli civilians. Their intention is to cause harm to as many Israelis as possible, and their actions have made their brutality evident to the world.

Weiss mentioned ongoing battles within Israeli territory and the IDF’s focus on securing the border, evacuating communities in the south, and striking Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The aim is to eliminate the capabilities of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad to carry out such attacks in the future.

She warned Hamas that they would face a heavy price for their actions and confirmed that the Israeli Air Force is actively targeting Gaza Strip locations.

Regarding support from the international community, Weiss stated that the world witnessed the horrific events, including the dragging of women, children, and elderly individuals across the border. She condemned Hamas as war criminals, underscoring that their attack on Israel was both horrific and unjustifiable.

According to the latest updates, the Hamas attack near the Gaza Strip has resulted in over 400 fatalities, including soldiers and police, with over 2,048 wounded individuals receiving treatment, including some in critical condition.