Israeli forces arrest two Hamas operatives in Jenin


Israeli forces entered Jenin in northern Samaria for the first time since the large-scale counter-terror operation in the disputed city earlier this month.
Two Hamas terror operatives were arrested during the early-morning raid on Monday. An exchange of gunfire took place during the operation, although Israeli forces did not enter the city’s refugee camp as they did during the major military operation.
No Israeli casualties were reported.
Twelve terrorists were killed during a two-day Israeli incursion in the Jenin refugee camp in early July. Israeli security forces seized a large quantity of military equipment and weaponry in the Jenin camp and surrounding areas, including bombs, ammunition and guns.
More than 300 suspects were questioned, some 120 of whom were detained. Fourteen terror command posts were demolished, and six bomb-making facilities were dismantled, in which security forces found over 300 bombs, along with bomb-making chemicals and other weapons.
Six underground shafts and two weapon pits were also found, including in a mosque.
Since the conclusion of the operation, Palestinian Authority security forces have been operating in the city against terrorist elements, although they are not entering the refugee camp, which is a hotbed of terrorist activity.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a rare visit to Jenin a week after the incursion — his first since 2012.