Israeli appeals for grandmother’s release from Hamas captivity


Israeli citizen Adva Adar’s 85-year-old grandmother, Yaffa Adar, was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and paraded with weapons in the Gaza Strip. Adva’s grandmother continues to be held hostage. Adva has made an appeal to the world as she explains the trauma her family has faced in the past 48 hours as they wait for their grandmother to return.
Adar has been asking social media for information after seeing a photo of her 85-year-old grandmother being driven away by Hamas fighters.
In a Sunday Facebook post, Adva Adar wrote in Hebrew that her grandmother, Yaffa Adar, was an Israeli civilian spotted being escorted by Hamas fighters in a buggy.
The photos show an elderly woman wrapped in floral garb sitting in the vehicle, as a militant behind her totes a rifle. Other militants trail the buggy, including at least one fighter on a motorcycle wielding a rifle.
Notes from agencies said the woman was a captured civilian from the Kfar Azza community being brought into the Gaza strip.
“My grandmother established the kibbutz with her own hands, believed in Zionism, in this country that has abandoned her, a hostage,” wrote Adar, according to a translation by the Times of Israel. “She is apparently thrown somewhere, suffering from severe pain, without medication, without food and without water, dying of fear, alone.” Adar asked for information and urged the Israeli government to recover her grandmother.
While Israeli authorities have not released an official tally of how many people were abducted by Hamas, Israel’s ambassador to the UK estimated on Sunday that 100 people have been taken hostage.
Hamas fighters from the Gaza strip launched a wave of surprise attacks on Israel on Saturday, capturing dozens of hostages and killing around 700 people under cover of rocket barrages, Israeli authorities said.