Israel forces take control of Hamas military: IDF


Israel Defence Forces said that Israeli forces have taken control of a Hamas military outpost in Gaza City and found anti-tank launchers and missiles, weapons, and intelligence materials on the site, The Times of Israel reported.
According to the Israeli forces, Israeli warplanes hit a cell of about 10 Hamas members, directed by ground troops from the Nahal Brigade, who identified the cell and directed the aerial attack on the outpost. Later, the soldiers identified an anti-tank squad operating nearby and directed an additional airstrike, according to the statement.
Taking to X, Israel Air Force stated, “An Air Force fighter jet attacked a squad of about 10 terrorists in cooperation with the fighters of the Nahal Brigade who identified the squad and directed the attack. Later, the fighters identified an anti-tank squad that was operating near them and directed another Air Force aircraft that attacked the squad.”
During the night, the Israeli military targeted dozens of positions for mortar launches into Israel. According to IDF, Israel’s naval forces targeted a number of Hamas targets overnight, according to The Times of Israel report. The Israeli military said that the soldiers also identified Hamas terrorists who had barricaded themselves in a building near the Al-Quds Hospital in the Shejaiya area of Gaza City. According to the Israeli military, these terrorists were planning an attack on Israeli ground forces.
According to the Israeli military, an aerial attack targeted the site, which resulted in “significant secondary explosions” that indicate the presence of a weapons depot, The Times of Israel reported.
Earlier in the day, IDF noted that it has been a month since Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7. Taking to X, IDF stated, “It’s been a month since the October 7 Massacre. While the world might have moved on, we don’t have that privilege. Hamas started this war–yet it’s a war we must fight. A war we must win.”
Meanwhile, the Israel Defence Forces said it has killed Hamas’ Deir al-Balah battalion commander Wael Asefa. Taking to X, the IDF stated, “The IDF eliminated Wael Asefa, Commander of Hamas’ Deir al-Balah Battalion. Asefa aided in the dispatch of thousands of terrorists to assault, abduct and murder Israeli civilians on October 7th.”
On Monday, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said it has been conducting extensive operations in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours and that they targeted approximately 450 Hamas targets, which included tunnels, terrorist positions, military facilities, observation posts, and anti-tank missile launch sites, CNN reported. The IDF also announced their capture of a Hamas military compound inside Gaza, containing observation posts, training facilities for Hamas operatives, and underground tunnels.