“The second wave was quite challenging for Chandigarh. It was challenging not due to its scientific characteristics but due to the irrationality and incompetency of Director Health Services. This is not what we are claiming, this is what the whole city has suffered during the second wave but Chandigarh Administration only sees those who do their flattery and feel no hesitancy flouting all rules while appointing a non-deserving candidate for the administrative post, says a group of UT Cadre doctors on the condition of anonymity while meeting with The Daily Guardian. 

This agitation is because UT Administration is going to give the post of Project Director State AIDS Control Society (SACS) to Dr Amandeep Kang, who is going to retire from the post of Director Health Services in two days. As per UT Cadre Doctors, this particular post is not reserved for Punjab or Haryana doctors. It is for UT Cadre doctors. The UT Administration has been flouting this administrative rule previously as well while appointing Dr Vanita Gupta on this post on goodwill. This time as Dr Kang has good terms with certain IAS officers of UT Administration this post is being given to her without checking her deserving credentials. 

In a letter to the Chief Vigilance Officer, UT Cadre doctors stated that the post of Project Director AIDS is of SMO level and is being occupied continuously by Dr Gupta, a deputation from Punjab even after her retirement in 2015 after completing 58 years of her lawful service. However, under which rules the Chandigarh Administration has been allowing her to continue at this post by extending her tenure in continuity to date despite her having turned 65 years? No serving doctor of UT Chandigarh has been allowed to hold the said post. This is an administrative post with all perks and more so there is no provision to hold the administrative post under the service rule of Punjab after retirement but still, she is allowed to continue on contract without even advertising which should be done as per Chandigarh Administration policy. 

An enquiry should be held to bring the facts on record and also assess the loss to the government by paying her illegally as she is ineligible, UT Cadre doctors wrote in the letter. 

 The post is for serving officers of UT cadre and of SMO level and not for a retiree as approved in the rules of NACP (National AIDS Control Programme), moreover, the latest NACP is to be seen. It is humbly requested that equal opportunity is required to be given to UT Cadre doctors at par with deputationists and not to a retiree who is depriving others after having served her tenure.

This will end the step-motherly treatment being given to us who are few, they wrote. If required, it can be advertised as per the policy of the UT Administration. Please do justice by enquiring the facts and not just marking to the department of AIDs or Health as all are hand in gloves and like always our request will fall on deaf ears and the undeserving who has already lived life shall be milking the department illegally, they concluded.