Invest Karnataka Summit 2022: PM Modi hails ‘Brand Bengaluru’


PM Modi virtually inaugurated the Invest Karnataka 2022 Summit on Wednesday. During the inauguration, he praised ‘Brand Bengaluru’. PM Modi said, “It is the place where there is both tradition and technology along with a unique confluence of nature and culture. When we talk of talent and technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the Brand Bengaluru, which has now been established worldwide.”

The three-day Invest Karnataka 2022 Summit, a Global Investors Meeting with more than 80 speaker sessions, intends to draw in potential investors and create a development strategy for the coming ten years.

“The youth of India has made more than 100 unicorns here and in the last eight years, they have successfully launched more than 80 thousand new startups,” PM Modi said. He said, Investment is India is not only for India but for inclusion, democracy, world and a better and cleaner-safer planet.

PM Modi said that that the New India now focuses on bold reforms, better infrastructure and the best talent in the country. “We’ve freed our investors from red tapism and given them a red carpet of opportunities. We encouraged them in various sectors that were earlier closed to private investments such as defence, drones, space and geospatial mapping.”

“Although it is a time of global crisis, economists and experts across the world are describing India as a bright spot. We continue to work on our fundamentals to strengthen the economy. The signed free trade deals give the world a glimpse of our preparedness,” he added.

The event’s international scope should provide Karnataka with an opportunity to introduce the world to its culture.
The partner nations of France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, and Australia would each host a country session, welcoming high-level ministerial and business delegations from their respective nations. The event’s international scope is also anticipated to provide Karnataka with an opportunity to introduce the globe to its culture.

“We are expecting over Rs 5 lakh crore investment and the State High level Committee has already given clearance for investment of over Rs 2.8 lakh crore. This is our commitment to our investors and we are going to distribute the certificate of investment tomorrow. We will sign an agreement with new investors and give all the clearances in the next few days. The state of Karnataka is making a big leap in the industrial sector and it will be evident in tomorrow’s meet,” Chief Minister Bommai said on Tuesday after inspecting the arrangements for the three-day meet at Palace Ground.