Influenced by movie, man attempts bank robbery in Delh


A man has been arrested by the police for firing five rounds at HDFC Bank in an attempt to rob the bank in Delhi’s Model Town area after being influenced by a movie.
The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon and the accused has been identified as Imran alias Raja, a resident of Karawal Nagar, Northeast Delhi. The man is a tailor by profession, informed the police.
According to police sources, the arrested man revealed during the interrogation that about three weeks back he had watched ‘The Secret Agent’ film on his phone and following which he hatched the plan to commit robbery.
The accused Imran who worked at a shirt factory revealed during the interrogation that he had a fight with the factory owner on Tuesday morning after which he left the factory and came to Model Town and tried to rob the bank. Before going to the bank, he drank alcohol.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) North West Jitendra Meena said, “On Tuesday afternoon, we received information about gunshots inside the bank. A person had come to the bank with the intention of robbery. He took out a pistol from his bag and fired five shots in the air, after which immediately the beat staff

reached the spot and overpowered the accused.” “No one got injured in the incident. The accused has been arrested. We are verifying where the pistol came from. The accused is a resident of Allahabad,” the DCP added.
Imran further added that he had a plan to rob about one crore rupees. Imran also said that he had no intention of killing anyone. He further confessed that he fired five rounds only to scare the bank employees, moreover, when he realised that he could not rob, he himself asked the bank employees to call the police. According to police sources, when the police asked Imran about the weapon, he informed them that about two years ago he had gone to bathe in the Yamuna where he found the pistol lying near the banks. Since then he had been carrying the pistol with his clothes. Imran had kept the pistol hidden and had never used it before. The police are now thoroughly interrogating Imran to find out the source of the pistol, because apart from the pistol, two magazines, seven live cartridges and five used cartridges have been recovered from him. According to the police, Imran had a dozen live cartridges in his possession and so Yamuna’s theory is hard to believe. The police also think that Imran is trying to mislead them. Apart from this, the police also suspect that Imran may also be associated with the well-known gangs of Trans Yamuna i.e. Chhenu Pahalwan, Nasir Nadir or Hashim Baba gang. The police investigation revealed that Imran had drunk alcohol with his colleagues on Monday night, due to which he had a fight with his boss. The fight once again took place on Tuesday morning as well. After this, Imran came out of the factory, took his mobile phone and broke the sim. Thereafter, he boarded a bus and came straight to Model Town where he committed the crime.