Indian drummer wins Justin’s heart

Justin Bieber

International pop superstar Justin Bieber, who is scheduled to perform in the capital this October, was enthralled by an Indian drummer’s performance at a “jagrata.”

The pop star shared the video of the Indian drummer on his Instagram, tagging the drummer, Davon Taylor, and captioning, “@stixxtaylor, I am expecting you to do this next show.”

The internet is thrilled with the video of the drummer, who is seen jumping with every beat of his drum in sync. The video is widely being shared on the internet.

When posting the video to Instagram, Bieber asked his drummer to play similarly during his upcoming concert and tagged him in the post.

Justin’s tweet has gone viral on social media.

Bieber is all set to perform in India on October 18, 2022 at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Delhi.

All of his concerns in North America were cancelled earlier as he suffered from partial facial paralysis, leaving millions of fans bothered. The date of the concert in India has been announced to be on October 18. He will be performing in the capital city at Jawaharlal Nehru’s stadium on the scheduled date. The tickets for the concert are being sold from ₹4,000 onwards and are available for purchase. Bieber announced about his ailment in a video which he posted on Instagram.