Indian Air Force’s platinum jubilee celebration to showcase Rafale and more


Indian Air Force is going to celebrate its Platinum Jubilee on 23-24 November. Show: On completion of 75 years of Five Squadron, the fourth air show will be organized at the Air Force Station, Ambala Cantt. The special thing is that for the first time other ships including Rafale will showcase their power in Ambala.
Air Force personnel will perform various stunts in the sky through ships.
Air Force personnel have already started rehearsals. Surya Kiran and Akash Ganga team will show a unique display of their arts. Ambala residents will be able to enjoy the air show.
The airshow has been organized by the Air Force for the general public to watch in an empty field near the domestic airport. Here, the public can enjoy the air show. This 2-day long air show will be organized from 10:30 am to 12:30 noon.
The Air Force is also serious about ensuring that there is no lapse in security during this 2-hour airshow on both days. No one can bring food or drinks with them during the show. Not only this, the district administration has issued orders to implement Section 144 on both days.
Also, due to security reasons, drones will not be flown near the Air Force station. The road near the Air Force station will be closed till 2 pm on both days.
The air show will also run live on YouTube, so that anyone sitting anywhere can enjoy the show live. If a person cannot come to the ground and watch the air show, then people can also enjoy it from the rooftops of their homes. The administration has made arrangements for parking of vehicles near the Air Force Station School premises and the domestic airport.
5 Rafales had landed at Ambala airbase 3 years ago after covering a distance of 7 thousand kilometers from France. Rafale flew thundering over the sky of Ambala for some time and then landed at the airbase. All five Rafales landed one after the other on the same airstrip. After this he was given a water cannon salute.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted a Sanskrit verse, “There is no virtue equal to national defense, no fast equal to national defense and no yagya equal to national defense.” Rafael was welcome.