India snubs Bangladesh opposition BNP

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra was on a whirlwind tour in Dhaka for two days. It was his first official visIndia snubs bangladesh opposition BNPit to Dhaka for Foreign Office consultation. The main opposition party, the BNP, was eagerly waiting to seek an audience with the visiting India’s top diplomat. But at the end of the day, he could not find time to meet with the opposition. In Bangladesh political circles there was speculation about the role of India for the upcoming General election of Parliament early 2024. It was music to the ears of the establishment when they heard the Foreign Secretary passed a message of PM Narendra Modi saying India has full confidence in the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Officials of the PMO quickly called a press conference and briefed the local media about India’s full support to the Hasina Government. Though the Foreign Secretary did not utter a single word on the upcoming election officials of the PMO gave a spin to his ‘support’ frustrated the opposition. It is being speculated that India perhaps shuns earlier bipartisan diplomacy in Bangladesh and put everything in one basket of Awami league.

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