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India may face serious cyber attack via films

Maharashtra cyber department issues list of movies, web series one should not watch on free websites.


3:24 am IST


Amidst tensions between India and China, cyber experts believe that India may face a serious cyber attack. The Maharashtra cyber department has given out a list of 10 movies and 10 web series which one should not watch on free websites. If a person clicks on such free websites, a malware is downloaded without the knowledge of the person and all information either from computer or mobile is hacked. The hacker may sell the information to foreign handlers or harass the person demanding ransom.

Nowadays, due to the lockdown, most people are at home, watching movies, web series or online content. The Maharashtra cyber department said that the number of people using the Internet has increased these days. The cyber criminals are taking advantage of this. When a person clicks on such free websites where movies, web series are uploaded, a malware is downloaded without the knowledge of the user and all the information from computer or mobile is hacked by the cyber criminal.

 The Maharashtra cyber department has given a list of movies and web series. The movies are: Mardaani 2; Zootopia; Jawani Diwani; Chhapak; Love Aaj Kal; Inception; Bahubali; Rajnidandha; Gully Boy and Bala. The list of web series includes: Delhi Crime; Brooklyan Nine-nine; Panchayat; Akoori; Fauda; Ghoul; Mindhunter; Narcos; Devlok; and Lost.

The Maharashtra cyber department has filed total 512 cyber-related cases in lockdown; 273 people have been arrested till now. During analysis, it was found that 196 cases were registered for forwarding offensive WhatsApp messages; 213 cases for sharing offensive Facebook posts; 28 cases for TikTok video sharing and Twitter. There have been 11 cases of offensive tweets, four cases of making incorrect posts on Instagram and 60 cases of misuse of other social media (audio clips, YouTube) and 273 accused have been arrested so far. Of these, 108 objectionable posts have been taken down.

Cyber expert Ankur Puranik said: “Every time, these cyber criminals use a new modus operandi or technique to reach your mobile. They always try to put malware software inside your mobile phone. They try to know your passwords and OTP. They send messages by different offers, links which have free Netflix subscription, free data, and Paytm verification. As soon as you click on such links or messages, a virus is installed in your mobile phone or computer and all your data is leaked to the cyber criminal. Puranik added: “Always keep backing up. Use different mobile phones if option is available. Most importantly, don’t keep all applications open; keep other applications off while running one application. In Paytm, keep the limit of payment. Most importantly, install antivirus, anti-malware software in your computer and mobile.”

 The Maharashtra cyber department has urged all citizens to avoid watching movies or web series on such free websites. If one has downloaded such a movie or web series and it asks for some permission before playing it, such permission should not be given and the file should be deleted, the department has advised. Preferably movies or web series from official and convincing websites should be watched. If any charges are involved, they should be paid. It has been advised to install the latest antivirus software on one’s mobile and computer.

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