‘India is number one in digital payment’ says PM at 16th Civil Services Day

PM Modi

PM Modi attended awards ceremony for the 16th Civil Services Day at Vigyan Bhawan’s Plenary Hall in Delhi. On this occasion, the prime minister spoke at the gathering and mingled with the employees. Union Minister of State Dr. Jitendra Singh gave the opening speech at the gathering.

During the event, PM Modi conferred the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration as well. These have been instituted with a view to recognize the extraordinary and innovative work done by districts and organizations of the central and State governments for the welfare of common citizens.

PM said that this year’s Civil Services Day is very important. He added in his speech, “This year’s theme is based on the developed India, I am glad to see that. For the developed India, it is necessary that every system of the government should become a medium to fulfill the dreams of every countryman. In this there will be a big role of those officers who are going to play a big role in the next 15-20 years. Our goals are tough but our spirits are not low.”

PM Modi mentioned India’s achievement

PM said that now India is ready to face any global challenges. It has become more powerful than earlier 9 years. He also mentioned the assurance of good governance role in administration.

He said, “Today India is engulfed in fin tech. India is number one in digital payment. India holds the third largest eco system. Railway lines are being electrified ten times faster than in 2014. The number of airports has doubled as compared to 2014. About 3 lakh crores rupees of the country have been saved from going into wrong hands, this money is making life easier for the poor today.”

In furtherance he said, “The earlier deficiency has changed into efficiency today. Earlier it was thought that the government will do everything, but today it is thought that the government will do it for everyone. Now we have to go towards saturation.”

He added,  “Today the expectations of the whole world from India have increased. Whole world is saying, India’s time has come. The basis of your decisions in your service should be the national interest only.”

“Political parties have their own beauty in any democracy. But in every decision you should have questions. The political party is using taxpayer’s money for the country or making its own vote bank. That political party is not making changes in the policies because it should become a source of its income.  The people with the mind-set of ‘getting things done’ say that work can be done. On the contrary, the people with the mind-set of ‘letting things happen’ say that it will move on in the same manner. We should always remember that good governance is the key of the success of any nation. The government is answerable in good Governance,” said PM.