India fast bowling has good balance, says Shaun Pollock

Shaun Pollock

Former South Africa captain Shaun Pollock on Sunday said India are in a very strong position now because of their pace battery and the fact that there is competition for places makes it even healthier.

“You guys (India) are really in a strong position now (as far as fast bowling is concerned). The depth of bowling, the different variations that you have, you have got some tall guys, shorter guys, quick, skillful, shaking the ball and you can decide in between them and you can have real good balance,” Pollock said on Sony Network for their show Pit Stop on their Facebook page. On the saliva ban, Pollock hoped it wouldn’t be there for a long time. “Well you can use sweat on the ball for now. Hopefully we don’t have to use this over a longer time. Maybe it can just be 3-6 months and then we can go back to normal. New Zealand for example, they started with the domestic league and there probably won’t be any issue with the virus at all as they don’t have the virus,” he said.