In purported video, Rahul claims BJP spending crores to destroy his image

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused the BJP of spending enormous amounts of money to destroy his image.
Sharing a YouTube video link, Rahul posted on his official Twitter handle, “Check the truth of my media image”. The video, which purportedly has Rahul Gandhi’s voiceover and bears the Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ logo, claims that the saffron party was spending a huge amount of money to defame his image.
“Media used to praise me when I first came into politics in 2004. However, since I raised two issues — Niyamgiri and Bhatta Parsaul — in 2008-09, the media started targeting me,” Rahul is purportedly heard saying in the video.
“The moment I raised the questions on land and started to defend the rights of the poor on their land is when the whole Tamasha (drama) started,” he purportedly heard saying in the video.
“We brought tribal money rules, reserved forest rules, land acquisition policy and they (Media) started writing against me,” Rahul is further heard saying purportedly.
“They (BJP) have spent crores to spoil my image,” said the recorded voice, believed to be Rahul’s, adding, “…people think that it might hurt my image, but it does not work.” Rahul purportedly added, “The more they spend on spoiling my image, the more will be my resolve. If you compete with superpowers, personal attacks are bound to be there. But such attacks tell me that I’m moving in the right direction.”