In 74 days, Delhi Police chalans 2 lakh people, gets Rs 11 crore in fine


More than two lakh people have, so far, been challaned on the streets of Delhi for not wearing masks, spitting in public places and violating social distancing norms. The Delhi Police has so far collected the total amount of over Rs 11 crore as a result of huge number of people being challaned and fined in the national capital.

This is suggestive of people not giving a damn for the rules and regulations issued by the government keeping in view the spread of the Covid-19. Challans in such a huge number is also an indication of people not taking the pandemic seriously.

This despite the Delhi government’s notification issued on 13 June 2020 giving a clear picture about dos and don’ts in terms of maintaining social distancing. The government had strictly asked the people to follow the quarantine rules, maintain social distance, wear face masks/covers in all public places, not to spit in public places. Similarly, the government has put a ban on consumption of betel leaf, gutka, tobacco, etc, in public places. This notification is valid for one year.

 It was clearly stated that if a person is found to be violating the rules, then he will be fined to the tune of Rs 500 for the first time and if person is found to be committing the same mistake the second time, then he has to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

Delhi Police spokesperson Eish Singhal told The Daily Guardian, “Since June 15, 2020, we started an awareness campaign. After the government’s notification was issued, we started issuing challans to people for violations of one kind or the other. Till 27 August 2020, 1,94,580 challans have been issued to those not wearing masks. Similarly, 20677 challans were issued to people who were spitting in public places.”

The spokesperson further informed that 21704 persons were challenged for violating social distance rules, and 1592 challans were issued to those who were consuming paan, gutka, tobacco, etc, and spitting in public places. All of these guys were first time offenders, so they were fined Rs 500 each. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has also distributed over two lakh masks among the needy. Delhi police spokesperson said that wearing mask is mandatory even when people are inside their cars and even if a single person is in the four-wheeler. Delhi police official said that people should cooperate with the police in fight against the Covid-19.