“Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat” A Book by BlueKraft Digital Foundation


The nation had seen a glorious milestone on 30 April 2023, when PM Modi’s Man Ki Baat Programme had completed 100 episodes. ‘Man ki baat’ is more than just a radio show; it is a means of connecting the nation.  In this show, our PM explores our culture, civilisation, achievements, art and crafts, and sports. It established a link with ordinary people and provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute their efforts. People link to it from all around the country. It motivated people to do something for the country, despite the fact that the issues were about corona and cleanliness. This program would make many previously unachievable goals possible.

Because of this, the 100th episode of this program was commemorated as a large event that brought everyone together on one stage. As a result of a book called “Igniting Collective Goodness” Man Ki Baat @ 100, can now be shared with everyone, adding yet another memorable moment to this accomplishment. This is not just a book, but also a collection of our revered Prime Minister’s wonderful experiences. This represents a strong willingness that permeates the entire nation.

This book is divided into 4 sections. Every single phrase in this book demonstrates how individuals interpret and apply Our PM’s proverbs to everyday life, how people connected with our PM through this program to eradicate issues like black money, drug smuggling, improper sanitation, and the importance of toilets, and how women, young people, the poor, and people from all socioeconomic classes have contributed to changing the society is perceived.

This is another way to share with the world the amazing narrative of the unwavering efforts of those who received the Padam Bhusan award and how India came together to battle the Corona scourge. This book will share a variety of unknown tales that encourage our young people to contribute more to the country in all spheres of life.

This book has been introduced by the BlueKraft Digital Foundation on the monthly radio show Mann ki Baat, hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mann Ki Baat at 100: Igniting Collective Goodness is the title of the book.

“Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat @ 100” is an effort by the BlueKraft Digital Foundation to capture the inspiration drawn from PM @narendramodi’s beloved radio program, Mann Ki Baat, spanning its illustrious 100-episode history, according to a post on X (formerly Twitter). BJP national president JP Nadda was also acknowledged by the BlueKraft Digital Foundation for his contributions to the book.


“This book, with its deep insights, data-driven analysis and a peek into the process behind every month’s episodes, will be a scholarly new addition to the literature around Mann ki Baat,” stated the author.

The third book in the series, Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat@100, captures the road to a specific milestone of Mann Ki Baat–an continuous debate that has kept the nation engaged once a month since 3 October 2014.

The first book was issued in May 2017 by the then-President of India, following the conclusion of 26 episodes.

The subsequent book, which marked 50 episodes, was published in March 2019 by India’s then-Finance Minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the book’s foreword, “Man Ki Baat has become a platform for the voices of our nation, particularly those from the grassrots, whose stories of perseverance and courage continue to inspire us all.”

On the occasion of Mann Ki Baat reaching 100 episodes in April 2023, Igniting Collective Goodness honors the collective impact of individual goodness.

The Prime Minister has made it a point to transmit his heartfelt issues directly to the residents of India over the course of his hugely famous radio series, which has over 23 crore regular listeners and 96% of the Indian population aware of it.

Picking up on issues discussed by the Prime Minister, the book is structured into four sections with nineteen chapters that cover the full Mann Ki Baat phenomena.

From overarching themes like Nari Shakti, Jal Shakti, and Swachh Bharat to issues of national importance like Atmanirbhar Bharat, Science and Technology, Health and Fitness, Cultural Reawakening, and Impulse to Sports, the book delves into a wide range of topics.

Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat, a popular program on All India Radio, debuted on October 3, 2014. On April 30 of this year, the 30-minute show finished its 100th episode.