IDF: “Will destroy Hamas for the sake of Israel, Gaza and entire world”

For the sake of Gaza, Israel, and the entire world, we'll destroy Hamas," the IDF


On Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that Hamas had stolen enough fuel and medical supplies from UN personnel in Gaza to supply the Strip with water for six days.When they confirmed that Hamas had stolen fuel and medical supplies from UN personnel in Gaza City, the UN today exposed the real face of Hamas.

The IDF alleged further that the Hamas terrorists were using civilians as human shields in the ongoing counter-offensive against them in the Gaza Strip.
“Hamas is holding the people of Gaza hostage, cowardly, using them as human shields. Hamas is at war against humanity, not just Israel. They terrorize Jews and Arabs. They seek the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians. The Israel Defense Forces will destroy Hamas for the sake of Israel, Gaza, and the entire world,” he added.
Meanwhile, the terror group’s military spokesman, Abu Obeida, claimed that they were holding between 200 and 250 hostages in Gaza, the Times of Israel reported, adding that while there was no definitive count, due to “security and practical difficulties”, it is understood that he captives from the November 7 terror attacks number about 200.
In a televised statement, Hamas said about 50 others are being held by other “resistance factions elsewhere.”

Obeida described foreign hostages as “our guests” and promised to protect and free them whenever the “situation on the ground” permitted it, according to the Times of Israel. In a video message, Itzik Cohen, an Israeli actor and director best known for playing an intelligence officer in the Netflix series “Fauda,” claimed that the Hamas operatives were not “freedom fighters.”