NEW DELHI: Following Mohammed Amir’s retirement, Shoaib Akhtar has claimed that he too wasn’t treated well by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management during the 2011 World Cup when he was about to bid adieu to the game.

Amir on Thursday announced his retirement from international cricket, alleging he was “mentally tortured” and that he cannot play under current PCB management.

Following Amir’s retirement, Akhtar posted a video on his YouTube channel and said the 28-year-old should have dealt with the PCB management by performing well in cricket and not by escaping.

“I openly say that I was not treated well during the 2011 World Cup, not by Shahid Afridi but by the rest of the management. I am saying it openly. I was harassed but I didn’t care as I had already announced my retirement,” Akhtar, who retired after the 2011 World Cup, said.