Actor Amol Parashar and producer Vishesh Bhatt have been entertaining millennials and Gen Z audiences with their relatable content. However, their latest comedy film, Cash, is something that managed to tickle the funny bones of people across age groups. We invited the duo for an interesting conversation as part of our latest series, NewsX India A-List. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

We opened the interview by asking Amol about the compliments he has received after the film’s release, to which Amol shared, “I don’t want to choose any one compliment, because, generally, the whole vibe has been very reassuring, very pleasant, very positive from everyone.” Telling us about his family’s response, he further said, “My parents are loving it. My younger cousins are loving it. Anybody who’s seen the film so far is loving it. My dad came up to me and said that he could not find any negative reviews about the film on the internet.” Amol also informed us that it was his first film as the lead actor, Vishesh’s first film as a solo producer, and likewise for the director, Rishabh, and hence the reviews of the film carried a great value for the team. The film’s lead actress Smriti has debuted in the movie.

Our next question was to Vishesh. We asked if he felt satisfied with his decision of backing the project. In his reply, Vishesh expressed his joy about producing the film without the interference of other producers and production houses. “I wanted to preserve the sense of purity of the script and the team,” said the producer. Moreover, he stated, “I started a new brand, as a company, which can promote narratives with a newer team, from a younger audience’s or younger protagonist’s perspective.”

We then asked the team if they felt that the viewers could connect well to the movie because of the struggles they themselves faced during demonetization. Affirming the assumption, Amol said that even though the viewers did find the film relatable, the idea did not strike the team while they were executing the project. “I did not have this in my mind while we were working on the film,” said the actor.

For our last question, we asked Vishesh if he has found a particular genre that he wants to focus on. To this, Vishesh said, “I have been part of that narrative for quite some time and I did a film called ‘Jannat’ and then I did Murder 3 that was different from the other ‘Murder’ films, but, I have tried to do something new always, something that is pushing the envelope of the mainstream.” Putting forward his thought about OTT platforms, Vishesh said “What I have experienced for the first time is that the weekend and the Tuesday, or the Wednesday, we are talking about, the old world would be talking about the box office numbers. But what with OTT is that, because they are accessible instantly, at the convenience to so many people. What surprises me is that there are, just within a day or two, I have people all over my housing society and various other people who have already consumed the film. They probably could not have made the time to go to the theatres otherwise, but they could easily access it.”

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