I.N.D.I.A bloc wants to abolish ‘Santana Dharma’: PM Modi

In his first open remarks on the raging row over Santana Dharma, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Opposition I.N.D.I.A grouping of trying to “destroy” the ancient faith and push the country into “a thousand years of slavery”.

In a speech after inaugurating Rs 50,700 crore industrial projects in Bina city of poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Modi said: “Today, these people have started speaking openly. Tomorrow, these people are planning and will continue to plan attacks on us across the country.

Every follower of Sanatan, everyone who loves this country, loves the soil of this country… everyone needs to be vigilant. They want to crush Santana and push this country back into 1,000 years of slavery. But together, we must stop such forces. With the power of our organisation and a united front, we must thwart their plans. We must render their intentions futile with a united effort.”

Later, at a speech in Raigadh, Chhattisgarh, the PM made the same allegations against I.N.D.I.A, saying: “They are conspiring against our country. Those kept out of the Centre for nine years and losing elections repeatedly have united to make INDIA. People must be cautious of them. They have decided to end Bharat and Sanatan Sanskriti. They want to break it just for the sake of coming to power.” The PM’s comments came in the wake of Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s controversial statement comparing Sanatan Dharma with diseases like malaria and dengue, and calling for its “eradication”.

Stalin’s party DMK is a key constituent of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A), a grouping of more than two dozen anti-BJP outfits. He also spoke about the successful conclusion of the G20 summit in New Delhi and maintained world leaders who participated in the two-day mega gathering were left impressed with India’s focus on development and welfare of the poor. The credit for success of the G20 summit under India’s presidency goes to the people of the country, Modi said, adding it has boosted the self-confidence of even children in villages.

“The ‘ghamandia’ alliance met in Mumbai recently. They have neither any policies, nor issues, nor a leader. They have a hidden agenda of attacking Sanatan Dharma which they want to destroy,” Modi said.

The PM was speaking after laying the foundation stone of a Rs 49,000-crore petrochemicals complex at Bina Refinery in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh along with 10 other industrial projects in the BJP-ruled state where, along with the Congress-governed Chhattisgarh, assembly polls are due by the year-end. He said great personalities of the country were inspired from Sanatan Dharma.

Mahatma Gandhi drew inspiration from Sanatan Dharma and his struggle for freedom was centred around the ancient faith, the prime minister further said. The Father of the Nation followed tenets of Sanatan Dharma all his life and his last words were “Hey Ram”, Modi noted.

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