Hyderabad Police arrests 2 home robbers and finds cash, gold-and-silver jewellery


The Hyderabad Police apprehended two alleged home burglars close to the Madannapet police station. Based on credible information, the South Zone and East Zone Special Zonal Crime Teams and the Madannapet Police apprehended two accused people on Tuesday. From their possession, they seized two 2-Wheelers, three cell phones, 209 Grammes of gold jewellery, 1.25 Kg of silver jewellery, and net cash of Rs. 35,000. The defendants are identified as Mohammed Irfan and Mohammed Shahbaz Hussain.

A complaint was made to the Madannapet Police Station on June 4 at 6 PM by a man by the name of Sudershan Singh. The complainant claims that some unidentified offenders stole gold decorations from their home while they were away.

Special Zonal Crime Teams, South Zone and East Zone, Central Crime Station (CCS), reviewed the CCTV footage of the surrounding regions and identified the suspects on the basis of the information provided by the complainant.

Mohammed Irfan and Mohammed Shahbaz Hussain, two suspects, were captured by police. After careful investigation, they admitted to their wrongdoing. After further inquiry, police found them in possession of two 2-wheelers, three mobile phones, Rs. 35,000 in cash, 209 Grammes of gold jewellery, 1.25 Kg of silver jewellery, and other items.

The short version of the case’s facts, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crimes), Shabarish.P, is that on June 4 at 6 PM, PS Madannapet received a complaint from Sudershan Singh in which he claimed that some unidentified individuals had stolen gold ornaments while they were absent from the house.

“During the course of the investigation, the sleuth of Special Zonal Crime Teams, South Zone & East Zone, CCS verified the CCTV footage at the Scene of the Offence and surrounding areas and identified the suspects and apprehended the above-accused persons on thorough enquiry they admitted their guilt of commission of the offence and recovered total 209 Grams of Gold Ornaments, 1 KG 250 Grams of Silver Ornaments, Net Cash of Rs. 35,000, Two 2- Wheelers and Three Cell Phones from their possession,” Dy Commissioner Shabarish added.

Further investigation is in progress.