HUNDREDS JOIN PROTESTS AGAINST MANDATORY VACCINATION ACROSS AUSTRALIA: REPORTS CANBERRA: Rallies against mandatory vaccination were held throughout Australia on Sunday, national media reported.


The peaceful protests were held across the state of New South Wales (NSW) as part of the ‘Reclaim The Line’ rally, with people carrying signs that read: “No mandatory vaccine,” 9News reported. Adelaide in the state of South Australia and the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland also saw the start of anti mandatory vaccination demonstrations on Sunday.

Meanwhile on Saturday, massive anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests took place in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, and Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory, where protests got violent and seven people were arrested.

People could be heard chanting phrases like “free Victoria” and “sack Dan Andrews” in Melbourne as they marched towards the Parliament House to rally against mandatory vaccination and a proposed Covid-19 pandemic bill, which would see Covid-19 rules remain in action during other global pandemics.

As of Sunday, Australia’s total number of active coronavirus cases stands at over 19,000 with the majority of infected in Victoria. Over 80% of people aged over 16 are fully vaccinated nationwide. Australia is lifting Covid-19 restrictions state by state. Recently, NSW and Victoria ended monthlong lockdowns after reaching vaccination targets.