How to write an argumentative essay step by step?

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Preparing lengty papers is something that students hate. This fear of writing limits their skills, making them miss deadlines. 

One such task is argumentative because it requires extensive effort like research and analysis. So, we are here with guidelines to prepare the perfect argumentative paper.

Choose the best idea to write about

Many students think, “who can write my argumentative essay?” Don’t worry. There are plenty of online buy essay services that can do it for you. 

They have hired professionals who know the process inside and can prepare such papers within a few hours. However, if you’re looking to do it yourself, read on!

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What’s the first thing that we do while working on a write-up? We come up with a great idea. But if you think the muse will strike within a few minutes, you’re wrong. 

You will come up with many vague ideas that will not be enough to grab a good grade. So, let’s address your question regarding how to write an argumentative essay.

You will have to undergo the process of extensive brainstorming. Here is how you do it:

  • Get yourself a warm cup of coffee in the morning and start thinking;
  • Note down all of these ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper;
  • Do a bit of research on all topics and choose the one with the most data available;
  • While selecting the idea, make sure you pick the one you feel drawn to. Never neglect your gut feeling.

Argumentative essays aren’t like ordinary writing. You have to have a great idea under your belt. Never rush this step, and think with a clear mind to get it right. 

Make a strong thesis statement.

You’re not writing a description or a narrative, and writing an argumentative essay means you need a strong statement that goes on to express the purpose of your paper and the topic you have chosen. 

A well-written thesis stamen does the job for you. Therefore, the thesis statement is perhaps the essential part of your introductory paragraph.

A mistake that most students make is that they write the thesis statement at the beginning of the writing and then deviate from the actual purpose. 

It nullifies the thesis statement and dilutes its value. So, be smart and work on it after you’re done with the body of your task.

It will buy you more time to develop an impactful statement with strong words and expressions.

  • Briefly outline your main points.

In the thesis statement, you can’t add any paper details, and you must briefly outline the main points, such as the purpose of the writing and your opinion. The statement is a sentence, not the entire paragraph. 

Try to limit the sentence to between twenty to twenty-five words.

  • State an argument—and then refute it

The argumentative essay structure can be a bit complex for newbies. You will notice that authors state something and then refute it. But why do they do it? To strengthen their initial point. 

They present both sides of an argument, not just the one they support. That way, the reader knows both aspects of a topic which enhances the credibility of the writing.

Draft a structure and write your essay

You might be thinking about how to start an argumentative essay. Well, know that you can’t blindly start writing. You must have a proper structure to make the paper effective and worth reading. here is the standard essay structure:

  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Argumentative essay body paragraph;
  • Conclusion.

Without these steps, the paper remains incomplete. 

Once you have a structure, you have already won half of the war. It is one of the most important argumentative essay steps, and you will realize where to add the information. 

It will also make it easier for you to track down irrelevant material and get rid of it. Furthermore, you will have your writing in an organized manner. 

Once your structured draft is in your hands, you can begin writing in a flow without any disturbance. Don’t worry too much, and the stress won’t let you do your job. You can always seek argumentative essay help through online services with great professionals if you stumble. They will submit the work before your deadline approaches and help you stand out from the crowd. 

So, wave the stress goodbye and try to do it yourself; if that doesn’t happen, find a cheap service that can finish the task! There is always an alternate plan that you can follow regarding papers.

Write a convincing conclusion.

The steps to writing an argumentative essay might seem tough, but get simple as you work through them. An essential bit of it is to end your essay with a bang. 

But how? Write an effective conclusion that leaves the reader in awe of your writing skills. If you want to stun your teacher, get ready with a strong conclusion that acts as the final impression of your work.

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According to the argumentative essay format, you need to know what you must add to it to write such a conclusion. First, you must summarize the entire passage into a few sentences, like a work summary. 

Then, you restate the thesis statement to remind the reader about the paper’s actual purpose. Finally, you voice your opinion and justify your stance. 

With all these tools under your belt, there is no way you will make a mistake when working on the concluding paragraph of your work. 

Finalizing Your Paper: Editing and Proofreading

Now that you know how to write an argumentative essay step by step, you need to do the final deed—editing and proofreading blow life into all your work. Proofreading is often valued the least by students, but it is the best way to eliminate errors and see your mistakes to avoid them in the future. 

Editing will guide you through it all, whether you find spelling mistakes or grammar issues, or maybe some irrelevant data or sentences that need to be restructured.

It brings your essay close to perfection and makes editing easier. Just read through the paper and keep editing. Once you’re done, please give it a final read and get ready to submit your work. You will fall in love with the work quality like never before!

Now that you have all these awesome tips, it is time to put them to good use. What’s the point of knowing when you don’t implement it, right? So, please sit down and practice these tricks to give it your best shot and leave your professor stunned!