Chintan Panara, founder of Xpertnest, spoke to NewsX for its special segment, NewsX A-List. As the founder, he formulates programme strategies for all sectors, establishes teams, and successful deliveries through the UK and EMEA.

Talking about his journey as a founder and entrepreneur, Panara said, “It’s been wonderful so far. When we started Xpertnest, around five years back, we were looking for a breakthrough, and comparing that with today where we are a smart city R&D partner for big councils in the UK, it’s a been a roller coaster ride and I’ve loved it.”

Panara elaborated on how he started Xpertnest, “When we started Xpertnest after having 15 years of industry experience we had a vision of with the help of technology how we can impact the life of the people and make it better. That was the core vision. We are a technology company as well as a value-driven innovation company. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we develop complex and next-generation solutions for companies around the world.”

Panara shared his insights about how it contributes to society and for the public and private sector. “We saw potential in many things and work with different clients. Case in point, we are working with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute as their R&D partner. We are helping them with satellite imagery drone images, and various sensors. Thus, we are helping scientists in doing richer research to ultimately make the lives of farmers better. We strategise with those cities to perform better and how the cities can be self-sustainable. We have few acts rolled out in the UK related to Covid-19 and help in social distancing as well. We are also working on a US government platform where people can collaborate. The government can put up challenges, people and entrepreneurs can respond and be part of those things.”

He talked about some of their ongoing projects. “We are working on a water leakage solution to identify the leakage of the water underneath with the help of satellite technology and artificial intelligence. Also, the same technology can be used for identifying soil moisture which will again help the farmers. We are working for the Telco in the UK for immersive technology giving them complete virtual reality and augmented reality experience to help their engineers in boosting productivity rather than performing simple manual tasks. Furthermore, we are developing apps for CO2 savings and facial recognition technology in the education industry.”

Throwing light on the entrepreneurial journey and the goals, Panara said, “even though we offer a technology solution we believe that technology should not be the goal of identifying or working towards any problem. The goal should be the real problem faced by real people. We always focus on that and use technology just a means to achieve the solution.”

On a concluding note, he talked about how during the pandemic, Xpertnest, as an organisation, has left an impact. “During Covid-19 pandemic luckily we have not been operationally impacted that much. We haven’t laid off a single employee in these difficult times and rather we’ve contributed to developing reliable social distancing applications for the UK, which has been rolled out widely and appreciated as well.”