How a teenage girl overcame hurdles and achieved success


We all wish that we would be given a step-by-step instruction guide when our children are born. But, no, we have to learn from experiences, the hard way. Destination is the Journey; we learn as we go along. This book is an account of my personal experience—of how my teenage girl succeeded in the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma (class 12), despite all the hurdles and obstacles and the wall that came up, on her way, and how miracles happened and windows opened when the doors had closed. 

The book has overarching messages for all parents and students, who can learn from this journey of a parent and a child. The message to students is: never get dejected by failures and disappointments at any point and make conscious efforts to be strong and positive.

 The book tells parents to trust their children and give them freedom of choice. The time and resources you spend are precious investments. If you believe and support your child, everything is achievable and the whole world comes to help your child achieve their goal, like the help we received in the form of guidance and out-of-the-world support from a school principal, an unassuming math tutor, and a divine French tutor and the blessings of a true mentor, to whom we owe all our success. 

All parents are with their children in various boats in the journey called Life. Some reach the shore easily, while some will need the guidance of the lighthouse. This book aims to be that lighthouse for many a parent and child. This is a book for surviving in this competition-ridden world and to be a lion in the struggle. 

In fact, when we commenced our work after a tumultuous two years, my husband’s client approached him with a problem relating to his son. He wanted to know if any legal action could be taken against his son’s school, as his son was getting into a state of depression. My husband discussed this issue with me. Then he shared our experiences with the boy’s parents and convinced them that they had to support their son in his journey towards success, instead of fighting a legal battle. After the boy’s exams got over, the parents promptly thanked us for our advice, as their son had done well in the IB diploma. 

This book is titled Brillianteering, which is a word that describes the final stages of the diamond cutting process, when the star facets of the diamond, along with the upper and lower facets, are polished. This is how life is. The process of life, along with its trials, tribulations and ultimate success, polishes a child into a precious diamond.

The excerpt is from Brillianteering (published by Notion Press).