High Court rejects SIT report on fake Madrasas

The High Court has rejected the report submitted by the SIT (Special Investigation Team) concerning the administration of 219 fake madrasas in Azamgarh
Additionally, the court has ordered the removal of the stay on the investigation process. Out of the total 313 madrasas in the district, a staggering 219 were found to exist only on paper, their existence limited to files and documents. This court decision has heightened the difficulties faced by the operators of these fictitious madrasas.
Following the court’s ruling, the Minority Welfare Department of the district will promptly file FIRs against those responsible for these fraudulent madrasas. When we reached out to the District Minority Welfare Officer for comments on this matter, they revealed that they first learned about the High Court’s decision through newspapers. Upon receipt of the official order, they plan to take immediate action, compile a list of the individuals involved in running these fake madrasas, and initiate legal proceedings accordingly.

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