Helicopter demand surges amid election campaigns


Election campaigns have gained momentum in five states, including Rajasthan. In this context, leaders’ tours are on the rise. Parties are also releasing lists of star campaigners. Speaking of the state, after the last day of nominations on November 6, leaders will embark on vigorous aerial tours. As a result, there is a strong demand for helicopters in the BJP, Congress, and other parties. Currently, the rent has increased from one lakh rupees to two lakh rupees per hour. Despite this, leaders are continually requesting helicopters. In Jaipur, helicopter bookings are full even after paying higher rents, hence, political parties and leaders are struggling to secure helicopters for air travel.
It is worth noting that since the 2008 elections, there has been a growing craze among leaders for helicopters. Aspiring candidates call them via helicopters to gather crowds in rural areas during public meetings. The reason behind this is that the rural public gathers at the rally site to see the helicopter, which helps the candidates establish dominance in their respective areas.
Earlier, the rent for a single-engine helicopter was Rs 1.25 lakh, and for a double-engine, it was Rs 2.25 lakh rupees. In Jaipur, Director of aviation service provider company A-One Helicopters Manisha Rathore said that nowadays, the rent for a single-engine helicopter goes up to Rs 1.25 lakh per hour. However, during election campaigns, the demand is significantly higher. As a result, all helicopters have been booked. Arrangements are being made to bring helicopters from other places, increasing the rent to nearly Rs 2 lakh per hour. Earlier, the rent for a double-engine helicopter used to be approximately Rs 2.25 lakh per hour and now, it has increased to Rs 4.5 to Rs 5 lakh per hour. She said that in Jaipur, helicopters for the BJP, Congress, and several other parties had already been booked even before the announcement of the elections. Flights are booked for at least an hour.

Gehlot and Raje have started touring
In addition to the nomination rallies, leaders are gathering in their respective areas for campaigns and promotions. In the Congress, there is a demand for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s campaigns and promotions, and the BJP is making demands for former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s campaigns and promotions. Both Gehlot and Raje have planned tours for several days. CM Gehlot has also booked a special charter. Meanwhile, former CM Raje is also travelling by helicopter. Both leaders will cover three to four constituencies in the coming days.

Helicopter bookings for these leaders
The prominent leaders from the BJP and Congress have pre-booked helicopters. This includes Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, BJP State President CP Joshi, Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasra, RLP supremo Hanuman Beniwal, Opposition Leader Rajendra Rathore, along with many ministers and prominent leaders. Along with this, helicopter bookings are also being made for flower showers and pamphlet distribution at public meetings.