Health plan to be introduced to prevent zoonotic diseases


A State One-Health Action Plan will be created to control and prevent diseases related to zoonotic infections in the state. Additional Chief Secretary of the Medical and Health Department, Shubhra Singh, made this announcement during the inauguration ceremony of a multi-sectoral consultation workshop held in Jaipur on Friday. In collaboration with the Medical and Health Department, the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, experts at the national level and representatives of technical partner institutions will draft the framework for the first Rajasthan State One-Health Action Plan.

ACS Shubhra Singh stated that to combat pandemics like COVID-19, basic resources and advance planning are essential, and for this reason, a similar State Action Plan is being implemented to eliminate rabies. She stated that preparations for many of the activities included in the plan for zoonotic disease control have already been made. Most of the required resources are also available for this purpose. She extended best wishes to the relevant team and mentioned that assistance will be sought from national and international institutions for effective implementation.

Those present at the workshop included Additional Director of Rural Health Dr Ravi Prakash Sharma, Principal Advisor of NCDC Dr Anil Kumar, Dr Simi Tiwari, Director of the Animal Husbandry Department Dr. B. S. Rathore, Public Health Specialist of CDC Dr. Mayank Dwivedi, and other specialists who provided technical expertise.