Health Ministry advises to implement 5 point plan to combat Covid-19

In order to combat Covid-19, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare advised all the states on Thursday to keep concentrating on the 5-pronged strategy of Test-Track-Treat-Vaccination and Covid Appropriate Behaviour.

A notification of the ministry reads that “We will conduct another mock drill to assess the Covid-19 preparations.” Soon, mock drills will be conducted across all states and UTs. The Health Ministry’s announcement states that the nation has administered more than 220.65 crore vaccine doses overall.

The Ministry has also requested that the states make sure that all medical facilities have access to the necessary medications and supplies for influenza and Covid-19.

According to the statement, “No evidence of an increase in hospitalization has been found.” The doses of precautions should be increased. “All cases of severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) require increased lab surveillance and testing.”

The Ministry has also asked states to ensure that necessary drugs and logistics for Influenza and Covid 19 are available in health facilities. Aside from that, states have been asked to ensure that there are enough designated beds and health workers.

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