“Haryana Police’s Night Enforcement Campaign: 42,000 Vehicles Checked, 1,283 Drivers Penalized for Violations”


As part of the Night Domination campaign initiated by the Haryana Police to prevent criminal activities, about 42,000 vehicles were inspected across the state on the previous Sunday night.
In addition, 1,093 vehicles received challans, 105 vehicles were seized, and 97 FIRs were registered. Consequently, a total of 1,283 vehicle drivers faced action by the rules.
The Haryana Police conducts the Night Domination campaign every month to ensure a safe nighttime environment for the public. Under this campaign, the Haryana Police meticulously organized a checking campaign by deploying teams of officers in various areas, establishing checkpoints, and conducting patrols to prevent criminal activities and instill fear in the minds of wrongdoers and criminals.
The Night Domination campaign was conducted in the state on the night of September 16th. During this campaign, 3,264 public places were inspected in the state. 14,554 two-wheelers, 13,572 vehicles, 7,510 light commercial vehicles, and 6,164 heavy commercial vehicles were checked. As many as 1,411 bottles of country liquor, 113 bottles of English liquor, 45 bottles of beer, and 5 bottles of illicit liquor were seized across the state.
The campaign is currently being run by Haryana Police twice a month on Saturday and Sunday from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Such campaigns will be continued by Haryana Police from time to time, with a special focus on the safety of women traveling at night. The spokesperson urged the general public to fulfill their moral responsibility towards society by sharing information about anti-social activities with the police so that criminal activities can be stopped in the state.
The police administration is committed to providing a safe environment to the general public and is working by adopting a policy of zero tolerance against crime and criminals. He especially appealed to women to register themselves on the helpline number 112 so that they can get help as soon as possible if needed.