Haryana passes new law to combat organized crime in the state


The Chief Minister of Haryana has announced the passing of the Haryana Control of Organized Crime 2023, a legislation that targets the rising issue of organized crime in the state.
This law seeks to take strong legal action against gangsters, their leaders, and members of organized criminal gangs, with the police being given enhanced powers to act against these criminals. The legislation also includes special provisions for the forfeiture of property acquired from the proceeds of crime, as well as the establishment of special courts and prosecutors to handle offenses under the Act.
To ensure that the law is applied effectively, the Act outlines strict requirements for the recording of information and investigations, with the involvement of police officers not below the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police, respectively. Confessions of guilt are to be recorded before a Judicial Magistrate after being recorded before the above-mentioned officers.
In summary, the Haryana Control of Organized Crime 2023 aims to address organized crime in the state, and the Chief Minister has affirmed the government’s commitment to combating this issue. The Act includes special provisions for forfeiture of property and special courts and prosecutors for the trial of offenses, and has strict requirements for recording information and investigations.