Haryana DAG’s car collided with young couple in Chandigarh


In Chandigarh, on Tuesday, a car, belonging to Haryana’s former Deputy Advocate General (DAG), collided with a young couple on a pedestrian crossing, before crashing into a tree. The accident occurred around 10 AM in Sector 27, Chandigarh. All three, including the car’s driver, sustained injuries and were subsequently admitted to the hospital.
Immediately after the accident, it was initially reported that the car involved (HR04 H 0006) belonged to Haryana’s current Advocate General (AG). However, it was later clarified that the car belonged to the former Deputy Advocate General (DAG) of Haryana, Manish Deshwal. It remains unclear who was driving the car at the time of the accident.
Upon receiving information about the accident, Chandigarh police promptly arrived at the scene and took control of the vehicle. Eyewitnesses at the scene described that the Renault Duster driver was driving at a considerable speed. After colliding with the young couple at the pedestrian crossing, the driver attempted to flee, but in the process, lost control of the car, causing it to mount the divider and collide with a tree. The accident was so severe that the car’s front portion was extensively damaged, and the driver also suffered injuries. The impact of the collision caused a loud noise, alarming nearby residents who came out of their homes to see what had happened.