The Haryana government has issued a set of rules and regulations for the employees working in the Haryana Civil Secretariat to keep administrative working smooth and speedy. But many employees in the secretariat continue to mock the rules which led to affecting the working of the secretariat as well as the government.

In wake of the casual approach and negligence of such employees towards their duty, the state government has come up with a strategy to keep an eye on them and deal with them. The Establish Branch of Haryana Civil Secretariat has issued a number of notices and circulars recently to tighten the noose around the neck of such employees.

Abiding by a notice issued by the branch, dawks including letters and documents are not being collected timely which led to the missing of necessary official documents. A certain time has been fixed for the collection of dawks as it has to be collected twice a day but several employees continue to put the rules and regulation at stake.

It is also learnt that many employees usually arrive at the office late. In order to fix the problem, the government has come up with certain measures. Contrary to the regulations, such employees still exist as a huge problem and the issue is required to be taken into consideration in a bid to make such employees arrive at office early.

Satyender Pardeep, Under Secretary, Protocol said that the Establishment Branch continues to keep an eye on such employees and they will be subjected to action depending on their carelessness. Several steps have been taken earlier for smooth administrative functioning time by time, he added.

The administration has fixed a dress code for the sanitation employees but these employees are continuously leaving no stone unturned to make a mockery of rules. In wake of this, the concerned branch had issued another order recently warning the employees to carry the mentioned dress code. Things does not come to an end here as it also came to surface that a string of employees attached with senior officials, refuse to or delays in joining their main branch after the official gets transferred or goes on leave for a long time.

Keeping in view the third wave of corona, the Haryana government has issued orders recently restricting physical attendance to 50 per cent in offices. According to an order, the that all officers of the level of deputy secretaries or their equivalent, and above are to attend offices regularly.