Happiness is more powerful than we recognise

Watching little children in a family gathering brings great joy. We watch their enthusiasm, their innocence, and their sweetness. These qualities are not just for children. If we wish, we can maintain this joy within ourselves. It all depends on how we think, what we give our attention to and what we appreciate. If we want to maintain happiness within ourselves, a good practice to adopt is to watch what kinds of things we are giving our energy to during the day. Everyone has to occupy themselves in some way for their livelihood. Everyone has responsibilities. It is how we go about doing those things that makes us happy or unhappy. If we look back over the day and see that we spent it in worry, criticism, anxiety, or irritation, how can we expect to be happy tomorrow? And yet that is what we all desire, a happy today and a happy tomorrow.

The beautiful thing about contemplating only good things in our minds and seeing the best we possibly can in each one and in each situation is that it has such an influence on those around us. Each one in our own world, has their own inner world and as they are inspired and influenced by our happy approach to life, they in turn affect those in their orbit. Understanding this, it is easy to see how one person can make a massive difference. We must all have met one of those kinds of people, the ones who always have a smile on their face and a kind word on their lips. It is a form of service to humanity, a selfless, altruistic gift to the world. One who is altruistic will adapt to everything because the self is not an obstruction. Such a one has the ability to always say, “very good, very good” about whatever is going on. The one who is able to do that will receive so many blessings from others. Imagine being able to make each one you meet, raise a smile, no matter how their day is going.

The incorporeal Father of all souls is ever cheerful. He is the Ocean of Happiness. In meditation, connecting to that One Father, we can absorb as much happiness as we want. It is this kind of happiness that sustains us, helps us through all our personal difficulties and enables us to share happiness with others. When enough of us fill ourselves with this power of joy, it will change the world.

B.K. Mohini is Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris.

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