The court-appointed special assistant commissioner on Thursday submitted a report on the Gyanvapi mosque survey to a Varanasi court. “The report has been submitted before the court. People from both sides were present before the court. It is a 10-15-page long report,” said Assistant Court Commissioner Ajay Pratap Singh on the Gyanvapi Mosque survey report. “We have filed a chip too in a sealed cover,” added Advocate Vishal Singh. On Thursday, court commissioner Vishal Singh handed over the report of the survey and videography conducted on 15, 16 and 17 May to the judge in the Civil Court of Varanasi.

“At 4.30 pm yesterday, Ajay Mishra (ex-court appointed commissioner) submitted his report. Today at 10.30 am, Vishal Singh and Ajay Pratap Singh filed their report with details of the three-day survey,” said Advocate Nityanand Rai.

“The Assistant Commissioners have also filed a chip that contains photos, videos. A copy will be made available to the other side. Once they get the copy, the court will invite their objections. After listening to them, the court will give a final decision if the report will be taken as evidence”, added Advocate Rai.

Former court commissioner Ajay Mishra had submitted his report to the Varanasi court on Wednesday itself.

This is the report of the survey conducted in Gyanvapi on 6-7 May. In this survey report, he has spoken of getting evidence of symbols and relics related to Hinduism. However, Ajay Mishra was later removed as court commissioner. The report said that moving from north to west, there was a snake-like artwork of Sheshnag on the central rock plate. The embossed vermilion coloured artwork was seen on the board. Round curved shape was engraved under the bow. All the stone plates seemed to be lying on the ground for a long time. All these at first glance appear to be fragmented parts of a big building.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Thursday directed the civil court in Varanasi not to proceed with the case related to the Gyanvapi mosque case till it takes up the case on Friday. The apex court further said that it will hear the case on Friday at 3 pm.

A bench of Justices D.Y. Chandrachud, Surya Kant and P.S. Narasimha adjourned the case before it till Friday at 3 pm after the Hindu side’s lawyer asked it to hear the case tomorrow. It then asked the trial court in Varanasi to desist from taking up the matter today. Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, appearing for Hindu petitioners before the trial court, sought adjournment for the day on account of the medical condition of leading counsel Hari Shankar Jain.