Gujarat High Court Implemented Neutral Citations System


The Gujarat High Court commenced for assigning the Neutral Citations to all the Judgements and the Final Orders of the High Court.
As per the Circular issued it has been that all the Judgments and Final Orders which have been uploaded so far on the Case Status website of the High Court of Gujarat have been assigned the neutral citation.
The Circular stated that all such kind of judgements and the final orders would now have Neutral Citation with Q. R. Code printed on each of its pages while downloading the same from the website of the High Court, thus, the sample of which has been displayed in the circular.
Therefore, the QR Codes would have a web-link to the soft copy of the particular Order or the judgement, which is being scanned by any device, would open the link to the PDF file of the same.
An email can be transmitted by the IT Cell server to the concerned Advocates of the matters and the subscribers of EMCS for the case with attachment of the Order or the judgement along with the Neutral Citation. Thus, the Certified Copies, physical as well as e Case Status search result page would now reflect the Neutral Citation at the top including the Certified Copies, shall also contain the Neutral Citation on each page of the Final Order or the Judgement.
The Circular issued also mentioned that the Neutral Citation against the Final Order or the judgement in the list of orders shown.
It has also provided the comprehensive search functionality on the case Status website of the High Court of Gujarat ( for facilitating the search which is being based on Neutral Citation allocated to the Final Orders or the Judgments.
Further, the circular issued also mentioned that apart from individual Neutral Citation search leading to the particular Final Order or the judgement, the apart from individual Neutral Citation search wherein it leads to the particular Final Order.
The initiative taken will also promote and will facilitate the convenience and uniformity of common referencing to the judgments and the final orders of the High Court of Gujarat with an easily and freely accessible Neutral Citation repository on the website of the High Court