Gudha’s ‘red diary’ allegations: Analysing Congress’s unperturbed stance


Following allegations of government corruption made by recently dismissed minister, Rajendra Gudha, and involving a supposedly incriminating ‘red diary’, Congress appears nonchalant, despite continued attacks from BJP and the ensuing political tumult. Analysts predict the controversy will soon dissipate as Gudha’s history of accusations against Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, makes this new revelation less credible, even among BJP members.
Previously allied with Congress’s faction under former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot, Gudha has been consistently criticising Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his government for over a year. His recent allegations of the Rajasthan government’s inability to provide adequate women’s security provided the BJP a valuable opportunity to critique the Gehlot administration. Consequently, Gehlot removed Gudha from his ministerial position.
In the aftermath, Gudha brandished a ‘red diary’ in the Assembly, asserting it contained proof of governmental corruption. However, many view this as a bid for public sympathy following his dismissal. Future political affiliations for Gudha remain uncertain, though options might include BSP or AIMIM, with potential covert support from BJP.
Notwithstanding, there’s uncertainty about the BJP’s trust in Gudha’s ‘red diary revelation’, even as they leverage it to challenge the state government. Gudha’s past accusations against Shah for alleged attempts to destabilise the Rajasthan government remain fresh in memory, leaving doubts about the BJP’s faith in Gudha’s claims. Thus, Congress’s unconcern about the issue seems well-founded.
On a related note, Gudha recently proposed a narco test for all state ministers following his ‘red diary’ allegations in the assembly. Gudha has chosen to side with senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot amidst the current political struggle with Gehlot, criticising Gehlot for derogatory remarks against Pilot.
Gudha, formerly responsible for Sainik Kalyan, Home Guard and Civil Defence, Panchayati Raj, and Rural Development, also stated his wish to formally present the diary in the assembly. Despite being accused of aligning with BJP, Gudha maintains his dedication to Congress, citing his instrumental role in rallying support for Gehlot’s government in 2008.
Gudha is set to seek public opinion regarding his future political trajectory through a series of local rallies in his constituency. Despite Congress’s seeming indifference towards his claims, the political fallout from these allegations, and their potential impact on future elections, remains to be seen.