Govt gearing up to battle farm laws’ anti-farmer image with facts

Narendra Singh Tomar.

New Delhi: The government is crafting a fact check campaign on the farm laws which are being discussed furiously in the midst of the farmers’ agitation and ongoing talks.

With the present farm policy, only 6 per cent farmers are being benefitted, and these farmers are rich, and rest of 94 per cent farmers were not benefitted, that is why Modi government had introduced the new farm bills but with vested interests, these rich farmers are opposed to the new laws, it says.

The campaign dispels the myth that the bills were anti-farmer without any protection to them. The facts are that the safety net of MSP will remain, and these bills will add to the options the farmers have.

In addition, farmers will be able to enter into direct agreements for sale of produce with food product companies.

The information campaign also attacks the myth that it is advantage to big corporates and a loss to farmers. The facts as stated are that in many states, farmers successfully produced crops like sugarcane, cotton, tea, coffee, along with large corporates. Now small farmers will benefit from technology and equipment with guaranteed profits.

It also dispels the myth around the bill that it will lead to agriculture land acquisition by corporates and farmers will end up becoming labourers.

Instead, the Bill prohibits sale, lease and mortgage of farmers’ land and ensures sponsors are prohibited from acquiring ownership rights or making permanent modification on farmers’ land.

The problems faced by farmers till now have been improved with the introduction of new agricultural laws. Now farmers across the country, even outside the mandis, can sell produce at a higher profit. #MSPHaiAurRahega, new laws do not affect MSP at all, the government said.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Saturday that the government is committed to the welfare of farmers and has taken a number of steps and pro-farmers reforms.

He assured the farmers unions that the existing APMC is a strong organisation and it will not be weakened.