Govind Namdev to be featured in Munshi Panna Masale

Govind Namdev, a seasoned actor well renowned for his scene-stealing performances in the films Virasat, Pukar, and Singham, has been chosen to represent Munshi Panna Masale.

Recently, Govind Namdev, Mansvi Raghuvanshi, Shivantika Dixit, Rahul Achlesh Gupta, Rama Shukla, Almas Khan, and other artists worked on the brand’s TV commercial. An alternative aspect of the seasoned artist will be shown in the commercial. Govind Namdev is portraying the role of a strict grandfather to a troubled child in the TVC. Soon, the commercial will air. Director Abhinav Raghuvanshi and Vishal Tiwari of Yati Media Work production business are supporting the video, which is directed by Prabhakar Shukla with Raju KG serving as the DOP.

Govind Namdev finds the partnership intriguing and the project to be a welcome change of pace while filming the commercial.

“Be it a film or a TVC, my job is to put in my 100%. When you are surrounded and supported by a talented team, your work becomes simpler. It was a pleasant experience for me to shoot this unique commercial,” Namdev added.

The market for Indian spices is very large, both in India and abroad, according to the directors of Munshi Panna Masale, Vishnu Kumar Goyal and Nitin Kumar Goyal. “With Munshi Panna Masale, we are trying to take the level of spices to a whole new level. Munshi’s Masale will change the dynamics of the market with its quality and superior taste.”

Currently, only a few states in India have access to Munshi Panna Masale. However, the business will soon broaden its borders both domestically and internationally.

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