Gopal Sharma accuses Khachariyawas of undermining democracy


Dr Gopal Sharma, the candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party from the Civil Lines Assembly constituency, said that Congress candidate Pratap Singh Khachariyawas is openly undermining democracy. Accusing Khachariyawas in a press conference, Sharma said, “He claims to be a descendant of Lord Rama, but his actions are no less than Ravan’s.”
Gopal Sharma said, “It is unfortunate that even the officials of the Election Commission and the Returning Officer are openly witnessing the violation of the Model Code of Conduct. Still, they are turning a blind eye.”
He said, “While Pratap Singh was in power, the officers and police appointed in his area, are openly supporting him.
In the area, there is an active group of criminals who threaten BJP workers at their homes late at night and threaten to see them after the elections.” He said that recently, in the Hasnapura area, a balcony was constructed on the roof of a temple late at night, a toilet was built on the balcony, and its drain was opened in the temple. Despite complaining to the administration, no action has been taken so far.
He said, “The history of Rajasthan’s politics has been glorious. Here, although the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties may not agree on a point, there has never been animosity among them. Former Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat is an example of this…This election is being fought against arrogance, corruption, and appeasement.”