People have experienced a lot of deception in their lives. There has been a lot of exchange of everything that is false, so feelings have been destroyed. This is why some people have stopped feeling altogether, and have rejected the world.

However, when a soul starts receiving something from God, the heart opens up.

So, let us take God’s love and have pure feelings. Let us experience what pure feelings are.

Let us have trust in each other and faith in ourselves. Let us learn to love ourselves. Let there be purity in our feelings, so that we can then experience love.

Let us take from God and give to others. When we have very powerful good wishes and feelings for others, those feelings reach them. We can help each other through the power of our good feelings.

Deep in my heart there is just this one feeling: just as I have received so much from God, may all God’s children receive the same from our One and only Father.