“Glad he broke his silence”: Shashi Tharoor after PM Modi speaks on Manipur

Shashi Tharoor claims party's support

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Thursday said he was glad Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his silence on the ongoing violence in Manipur but in the same breath demanded the PM to make a statement inside the Parliament.
Speaking to ANI, Congress MP said, “Deeply concerned about the fact that Rime Minister Narendra Modi was silent for so long. None of us could understand it. We are very glad that he broke his silence, now we would like him to approach the issue in Parliament to discuss it…” He said that they want to discuss the situation in Manipur when PM speaks inside the Parliament.
“The PM (Modi) has spoken outside the Parliament, to the media. I am very glad, he has at least raised his voice. Now, let him bring the voice to the Parliament itself,” said, Tharoor, a senior Congress MP.
Reacting to PM Modi’s statement in Parliament where he said that his “heart is filled with pain and anger” over the Manipur incident, Tharoor opined that the former should share his “anguish” with the other parliamentarians.
“PM Modi should share his anguish with all of us. Tell us what the government is doing. Why it has not worked so far?” Tharoor added.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke about the violence that has been ongoing in Manipur for the past two months.
Speaking on the video that showed two women being paraded naked in Manipur, the prime minister said, “I am filled with pain and the incident is shameful for any civil society.”
“No accused will spared, we will never forgive those who are behind this,” he said.
Speaking to reporters ahead of the Monsoon session of the Parliament that begins today, PM Modi said, “This a shameful incident for any society..who did this and who is responsible is another issue but this has put our nation to shame. I appeal to all chief ministers to tighten law and order. Whether it is Rajasthan, Chattisgarh or Manipur…the issue of a woman’s honour is above all politics.