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Girls outshine boys in CBSE exams



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Friday declared the both Class 12 and Class 10 results in which girls have outshined boys.

In Class 12, girls outperformed boys with an overall pass percentage of 94.54 per cent, while boys secured 91.25 per cent in Class 12. Over 33,000 students scored above 95 per cent, while 1.34 lakh got above 90 per cent.

The overall pass percentage was 99.37 per cent in 2021 as compared to 92.71 per cent this year.

Hours after declaring the Class 12 board exam results, the board also announced the Class 10 exam results. The overall pass percentage in CBSE Class 10 results is 94.40 per cent.

A total of 1435366 students appeared for the exam of which 1330662 have passed. 92.71 per cent of students have passed the CBSE 12 board examination.

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala has recorded the highest pass percentage at 98.83 per cent followed by Bengaluru with 98.16 per cent, Chennai with 97.79 per cent, Delhi east and Delhi West with 96.29 per cent. However, Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj has recorded the lowest pass percentage at 83.71 per cent. Similar to class 12 exam results, the girls outperformed boys by 1.14 per cent in class 10 too. Girls outshined with an overall pass percentage of 95.21 per cent while boys secured 93.80 per cent. A total of 2093978 students appeared for the exam of which 1976668 have passed the CBSE Class 10 exam.

Just like Class 12, Trivandrum region students have recorded the best pass percentage with 99.68 per cent in Class 10 too followed by Bengaluru with 99.22 per cent, Chennai with 98.97 per cent, Ajmer with 98.14 per cent and Patna with 97.65 per cent. Guwahati is at the bottom of the table with 82.23 per cent.

Over 64908 students scored above 95 per cent, while 236993 lakh got above 90 per cent.

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In the blink of an eye



Gallery Dotwalk is all set to organise a group exhibition show titled “In the Blink of an Eye”. The show, curated by Shruti Ramingaiah, has already started and will be held till 10th September 2022. ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ considers the states of transcending into sleep and being awake as a metaphor to reflect on time as extended, indefinite, and nonconsecutive happening, event, and passage.

The show features ten artists from different cities in India with the diverse practises and approaches they bring to this exhibition. Each artist in this exhibition explores events from the past and even recent times. They reflect on the many meanings of memory, from personal to collective. Going back to their roots, a group of artists revisit their relationship to a site, place, and events.

The ten artists are Bhisaji Gadekar, Chandan Bez Baruah, Jyothi Basu, Kundan Mondal, Midhun Gopi, Rachana Nagarkar, Prajakta Palav Aher, Saju Kunhan, Shruti Mahajan, and Sneh Mehra.

In a candid conversation, curator Shruti Ramingaiah said, “This curatorial is interested in the idea of transition and how we understand the element of time in our everyday and the changing world around us. This show is an attempt to reflect on time that is non-linear. It asks us how we connect with the past, present, and future that are taking place, overlapping simultaneously. The exhibition considers a brief state of transcending into sleep and being awake as a metaphor to explore the possibilities of going beyond our preset notions of time in our daily life. The exhibition probes the viewer to rethink, what it means to be constantly on the move. At the core of all this, how then do we make sense of reality? “

The show will be on view from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

Headquartered at Delhi-NCR, Gallery Dotwalk is an art gallery committed to building an art space that pivots on integrity and genuineness that converses with art enthusiasts around the world, utilising the prowess of technology and positive contributions to the art milieu.

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We all love our little furry friends, don’t we? But what if we tell you that you can actually talk to your pet or any animal around? What if we tell you that you can understand your pet’s feelings and emotions and help them lead a better, happier life?

Sounds unbelievable, right?! But guess what, it’s true. Read on as we decode what “Animal Communication Therapy” is all about. 


Animal Communication Telepathy simply means to connect with animals in order to understand their feelings with the help of intuitive abilities. The word ‘telepathy’ in itself means distance communication, and in this therapy, the communicator or the owner converses with the pet (or even a wild animal) by focusing on their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It is similar to the mechanism of counselling and guidance sought by humans, but here it is meant for animals. Once an individual gets connected to the animal, they keep on counselling them and assure that things change for the better.


While there are no clear-cut claims or sureties of this therapy, several researches, academic literature, and animal therapists emphasise that the communication between humans and animals is facilitated because they share similar mental capabilities and perceptions.

Rupert Sheldrake, Director of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Cambridge University, is one of the notable researchers who explored the psychic connections between humans and animals. He defined this phenomenon as ‘invisible’ connections’ or ‘morphic fields’ created through social interaction.

Since it’s a psychological thing, one needs to believe in the process, as the moment you start to trust, things start working.

Animal communicator Kiran Narang says that this therapy is guided by our belief system, energy, and spirituality.  She adds, “Everything that’s happening around us is a result of the exchange of vibrations, and we all vibrate at a particular frequency. When our frequency matches the animal’s, we connect with them on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. “


Telepathy with a pet is not at all difficult and just requires learning some basic principles as this art is present in all—it is ‘innate’.

One doesn’t need to be in physical proximity or in front of the pet for telepathic communication. The communicator can talk to the animal even when they are in some other corner of the world, are lost, or are sleeping or eating.

Kiran suggests, “Setting the intention and a desired goal before starting the interaction is important as it helps the communicator or parent calm down, unwind, engage in deep breathing, and slow down their pace. That is how one gets connected to the pet and their frequency. “

One can also do some animal telepathy courses and attend workshops as it aids the process of learning and unlearning.


Animal communication could be done either out of curiosity or when a need arises. It’s just like a normal counselling session or a routine consultation that’s conducted to help and understand pets. This, in turn, also helps their parents. One can also have a session done for their pet to find out what makes them happy or sad, what they like and what they don’t. “If there’s any behavioural problem that the pet or animal is facing, then going for animal telepathy becomes all the way important,” Kiran concludes.

Animal comunicator Kiran Narang said,“Everything that’s happening around us is a result of the exchange of vibrations, and we all vibrate at a particular frequency. When our frequency matches the animal’s, we connect with them on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.


The benefits that such communication provides for people are widely discussed in Alan Beck and Aubrey H. Fine’s Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy. Researchers and communicators note that animal telepathy leads to an overall sense of happiness, the ability to recover from serious illness and to cope with trauma and loss, and an increased willingness to engage in positive social interactions with others.A BETTER BOND WITH THE PARENT

Once the parent and their pet undergo the telepathic process, a positive change in terms of their bonding and relationship can be observed. The parent gets to know what their pet is feeling and that makes their relationship wholesome. This happens since when one feels the pet’s energy, they make sense of the vibrations and thoughts coming their way.


Since animals are emotional creatures, they feel all sorts of emotions such as anger, joy, grief, etc. just like humans. However, animals can’t vocally express themselves, and so they convey it all telepathically. Establishing a comfortable, safe zone of communication also helps the pets overcome any past traumas or unresolved conflicts from their childhood.


Being a pet owner comes with a lot of added responsibilities, and it becomes very problematic if the pet is not behaving properly, peeing, or littering around. Animal communicator suggests talking to the pet and making them realise that their ways are becoming a hurdle for their owners. Kiran suggests, “Talking it out works the best and is very beneficial as the parent can manage everything and also ensure health and hygiene with ease.”


The process of resolving the problem or issue is a two-way arrangement and is dealt with not only from the pet’s side, but also from the pet owner or parent’s side. The pet owner is asked to look into the problems and amend their ways accordingly. Once the parent changes their behaviour towards the pet, the latter starts showing signs of improvement instantly.

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Punjab Govt accepts VC Dr Bahadur’s resignation



Days after the row between Punjab Health Minister Chetan Singh Jouramajra, Chief Minister Punjab Bhagwant Mann and Vice-Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences Dr. Raj Bahadur, Punjab Government on Thursady accepted the resignation of Dr. Raj Bahadur as VC of BFUMS. On 29 July, a video went viral where Health Minister Chetan Singh Joura Majra asked VC Dr. Raj Bahadur to lie on a dirty bed. After this video, many doctors across the country showed their anguish and asked Health Minister to apologize publically to Dr. Raj Bahadur.

As per senior officers in the Chief Minister’s Office, the resignation has been sent to Punjab Governor Banwari Lal Purohit for final approval. The incident had become a major embarrassment for the government, with people from all walks of life supporting Dr. Raj Bahadur and condemning the Health Minister for the incident. Doctors of Punjab even declared to go on strike if the health minister was not removed from the ministry. Though neither strike took place nor the health minister apologized and was removed.

TDG had word with Dr. Raj Bahadur at the time this incident happened. Dr. Bahadur informed that the Chief Minister apologized to him for his health minister’s behaviour. Also, as per CMO officials, Dr. Raj Bahadur was asked to meet CM Bhagwant Mann but Dr. Bahadur did not meet CM Mann as he was not keeping well. Hence, after a wait of more than a week, on Thursday, Punjab Government accepted Dr. Bahadur’s resignation.

Day after the incident, Dr Raj Bahadur had resigned as Vice-Chancellor, even though Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had spoken to him and expressed regret over the incident.

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Delhi LG orders FIR against 11 DDA officials



Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena on Thursday ordered the registration of First Information Report (FIR) against 11 former Delhi Development Authority (DDA) officials over alleged financial misappropriation and violation of norms. The LG also ordered the withdrawal of pension benefits to nine retired officials.

“Lt Governor, VK Saxena, in his capacity as Chairman DDA, has ordered that an FIR be registered against the then Member (Finance) and Member (Engineering) of DDA, apart from 9 other officials of DDA in a 9-year-old case of blatant financial misappropriation and violation of Codal Formalities, CPWD Works Manual and General Financial Rules (GFR), that was reported in 2013,” said an official statement from the LG office.

These nine DDA officials are all retired and include a Chief Engineer, Superintendent Engineer and Executive Engineer and others from the finance and accounts departments.

The said action will be taken against Abhay Kumar Sinha, then Member (Engineering), Venkatesh Mohan, the then Member (Finance), Om Prakash, CE (Retd) Nahar Singh SE (Retd) JP Sharma, EE (Retd), PK Chawla, Dy. CAO (Retd), Jasvir Singh, AAO (Retd), SC Mongia, AAD (Retd), SC Mittal, AE (Retd), RC Jain, AE (Retd) and Dilbagh Singh Bains, AE (Retd).

Considering the grave misconduct and loss to the exchequer, the LG has also ordered to ‘’permanently withdraw the full pension benefits’’ of these retired officials, against the department’s recommendation of withdrawing only 25 percent of their pension, the statement said.

The case pertains to the up-gradation and beautification of the Coronation Park at Kingsway Camp that was awarded to M/s Ajab Singh and Co. in 2013. The tender cost of the work was Rs 14.24 crore but additional work amounting to Rs 114.83 crore was also carried out at Narela and Dhirpur, without any sanctions.

“The original project cost of Rs 14.24 crore was escalated to Rs. 28.36 crores and the same was further deviated with additional work, at a different location altogether, amounting for Rs 114.83 Crore was executed without any sanctioned estimate. This resulted in the overall payment of Rs 142.08 Crore to the agency,” it said.

According to the statement, this gross irregularity was pointed out by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) in its report in 2016, which concluded an overall deviation of 897.67 per cent (almost nine times) from the original work.This additional work should have been done through fresh tenders that would have not only saved crores in terms of competitive biddings but also ensured better quality, it said.

“However, in what appears to be a case of convenient collusion between the contractor and officials, all laid down norms were violated to benefit the contractor in lieu of probable commissions,” it said further.

The execution of the additional work, here, was approved by the then Chief Engineer (North Zone) on the day of his retirement on 31 October 2014. The then Member (Engineering) DDA had granted in-principle approval for carrying out additional work amounting to Rs 114. 83 Crore, even as awarding any additional work required calling fresh tender.

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Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh to lose chair



Harivansh Narayan Singh, the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, is set to lose his position. According to sources in the Janata Dal (United), Singh would soon be asked by the JD(U) to demit the constitutional office. With his party JD(U) out of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) now, the BJP will appoint one of its own Rajya Sabha members in his place.

Singh was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 2014 by the JD(U) and was elected Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament as an NDA candidate in 2018, defeating Congress candidate BK Hariprasad. He was elected to the constitutional office again in September 2020 after the JD(U) returned him to the Rajya Sabha that year.

Speaking to The Daily Guardian, sources said that, amid the change of government in Bihar, if any politician who is in a tight spot it is the journalist-turned politician from Ranchi. Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lallan Singh, the national president of the JD(U), while interacting with reporters in Patna on Thursday said that he had spoken to Singh regarding the political changes in the state. “Harivansh ji told me he is with Nitish Kumar,” said Singh. Another politician who is set to be booted out is the BJP legislator from Lakhisarai, Vijay Kumar Sinha, who is Speaker of Bihar Assembly. Fifty-five MLAs of the Grand Alliance on Wednesday submitted a no confidence notice against him, which has been sent to the Secretary of the state Assembly.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has made his displeasure known with the conduct of Sinha many times in the past, told journalists on Thursday that the “Speaker should decide whether to continue in the chair or quit”.

The no trust motion moved against Sinha would be taken up for discussion during the two-day special session of state legislature on 24 August in the assembly and on 25 August in the council.

In the meanwhile, there is some tussle for important portfolios in the Cabinet, which is slated for expansion during the special session of the Assembly, between the JD(U) and RJD. Nitish has turned down RJD’s demand for home portfolio. Now, the RJD has demanded the post of the Speaker as per the power sharing agreements, sources said.

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday arrested Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mondal from his residence in Birbhum’s Bolpur in connection with a 2020 cattle smuggling case. Mondal, the TMC Bhirbhum district chief, is a close aide of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The central agency produced Mondal before the CBI Special Court in Asansol on Thursday and was granted custody till 20


According to sources in the CBI, Mondal was summoned for questioning by the agency 10 times, but he avoided all summons feigning illness. Even though he was summoned to the CBI office at Nizam’s Palace in Kolkata on Monday August 8, he did not comply with the order. Instead, Mondal checked in to SSKM Hospital, but doctors there said he was healthy.

A CBI team raided Mondal’s house in Birbhum on Thursday at 7 a.m. and arrested him three hours later. Initially, it led to confusion if was being taken to Durgapur camp office to interrogate him further. But eventually he was taken to the ECL guest house at Shitalpur near Asansol.

The central agency had on 21 September 2020 arrested Satish Kumar, a former Border Security Force (BSF) commandant in connection with illegal cattle smuggling across the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Kumar’s interrogation led to many revelations, including the route map of smuggling from West Bengal to Bangladesh. The CBI also received information that smuggling was planned from Rampurhat area of ​​Birbhum. The interrogation led the CBI to Mondal’s close associate Enamul Haque, a hawala operator and kingpin of the smuggling racket, who was arrested in November 2020. Haque’s interrogation in turn led to Mondal’s bodyguard Saygal Hussain. The CBI recovered properties worth crores of rupees from Hussain’s house after his arrest.

Mondal’s involvement in the cattle smuggling case came to notice after the CBI interrogated the two. The central agency also interrogated Ghatal MP Actor Dev too.

Haque was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in February this year on the basis of the CBI FIR a month after he was granted bail by the Supreme Court.

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