Giovinazzi wins prestigious ‘24 Hours of Le Mans


Ferrari emerged victorious in the racing event ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ as driver Antonio Giovinazzi, along with teammates Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado, secured the win for their team. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an endurance-focused sports car race held annually near the town of Le Mans, France. It is widely considered one of the world’s most prestigious races. The win marked Ferrari’s 10th overall victory at Le Mans. Their ninth victory came in 1965.
According to the official website of Formula 1, Antonio Giovinazzi said, “For me and Alessandro, it’s an even more special feeling. We first drove this car last July, so to have achieved this result—pole and victory—after just under a year is undoubtedly fantastic.”
He further added, “It was by no means a given that we’d make it, but the entire team and my teammates did a great job, and here we are today. Thanks to Ferrari, who made all this happen. We are back to winning ways after 50 years, and we should be very proud.”
Charles Leclerc, who drives for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1, also expressed his emotions about Ferrari winning the prestigious ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ racing event. He said, “It feels absolutely amazing, obviously. Especially having a Ferrari win, it’s incredible, and after a return after so many years, it’s a very special edition.”
When asked whether he would ever drive for Ferrari at the ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ race, he said, “I mean, why not? Why not? I would love to; it’s an incredible event,” as per the official website of Formula 1. He concluded by saying, “For sure, one day in my life I want to tick that box. When will it be? I don’t know.